03/20 Maintenance Notice (Complete)

2024-03-15 16:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer Maintenance Notice.
We have maintenance scheduled for 03/20.
 Please refer to notice below for further details.

[03/20 Regular Maintenance]

Maintenance Schedule :
2024/03/06 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 12:00 (4 Hours, UTC +8)
Target Servers :
Maintenance Details

 4th Server Transfer
  • Transfer Schedule: 2024/03/26 (Tue) 23:00  ~ 2024/03/31 (Sun) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Transfer Count: Total 3 Transfers
  • Transfer Ticket Sales: 2024/03/26 (Tue) 23:00 ~ 2024/03/30 (Sat) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Ticket Purchase Limitation: Total 3 Tickets.
      ※ Please refer to detailed guide to conduct Server Transfer [Link]

Addition of New Class 'Lancer'
  • Lancer has long range attacks and damage boosting Skills
  • Please refer to 'Skill Guide - Lancer' [Link] for details
  • New Items and Collection Books for Lancer Class is added
  • New Codex, Requests, Item Sales, Crafts, and Item Drops are added
  • Lancer Weapons can also be obtained from any Chests that already drops Weapons 
1st Class Change
  • Class Change Schedule: 2024/03/20 (Wed) 23:00  ~ 2024/04/03 (Wed) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Class Change Count & Maximum Ticket Purchase Limit : 3 Tickets
  • Purchase Condition: [Main][Chapter 2] 7-23. Lustful Desert King
      ※ Please refer to Class Change Ticket Guide that will be posted next week for more details
      ※ 1st Class Change Ticket & Class Change Tokens will be deleted after 04/17 (Wed) Regular Maintenance

Equipment Recovery Ticket Event
※ Please refer to Event Notice for more details [Link]

<Growth Support> Hot-Time Event
※ Growth Support Buff: Enemy kill EXP and Gold Bonus 
※ Growth Support Buff is only applicable for levels up to 60. (added)

Addition of New World Content 'Spiren's Twilight'
  • 'Spiren's Twilight' is a region where Monsters more powerful than the ones in 'Spiren's Night' emerges
  • Enter Condition: CP 70,000 and above
  • New Equipment and Collection Book is added with Spiren's Twilight

Addition of Bloodyclaw's Banquet F2
  • Enter Condition: Lv.55 and above
  • Shares Dungeon time with existing F1

Other Improvements & Fixes
  • Class Skill Balance Improvement
  • Field Boss Participation Reward mechanism improvement to Bosses of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4
  • Addition of Suppression Chests to Bosses of Marias's Cave, Spiren's Countyard, and Spiren's Night (Fixed 3/15)
  • Improvement to Equipment Drops of Grade Rare and above for Chapter 3 and beyond
  • Improvement to Possession Effect for Armor Shapes of Heroic & Legendary Grades
  • Sol Canyon Reward Improvements (Item drops and Red Ruby Crystal Amount Change) 
  • Addition of Ruby Crystal Merchant to Village
  • Improvement in material item drop rate of 'Whispering Forest' F3 & F4
  • Addition of Multi-Exchange function to Collection Events' Collectable Exchange
  • Addition of 'Guild Hunting Ground' as Item Source in Item Tooltip
  • Request Monster location display Fix
  • Improvement to return location from Guild Hunting Ground
  • Fix to Livias Stellaport
  • Improvement to Gold consumption UI in Polish
  • World Scramble related Bug Fix
Other Information
- Please be aware that all time-sensitive items and buffs will be extended for the duration of Maintenance.
- We have noticed an issue where 1 Guild was displayed duplicately in 2 Groups of World Scramble (Participated and rewarded in one group only), and was fixed.
- The compensation for the inability to enter the Sol Canyon on March 13th(Wed) is being distributed sequentially. 

We will try our best for your better adventure experience.
Thank You.
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