24/03/20 Update Patch Note (Added 03/26)

2024-03-20 13:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 03/20 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. 4th Server Transfer
  • Transfer Schedule: 2024/03/26 (Tue) 23:00  ~ 2024/03/31 (Sun) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Transfer Count: Total 3 Transfers
  • Transfer Ticket Sales: 2024/03/26 (Tue) 23:00 ~ 2024/03/30 (Sat) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Ticket Purchase Limitation: Total 3 Tickets.
      ※ Please refer to detailed guide to conduct Server Transfer [Link]

2. Addition of New Class 'Lancer'
  • Lancer has long range attacks and damage boosting Skills
  • Please refer to 'Skill Guide - Lancer' [Link] for details
  • New Items and Collection Books for Lancer Class is added
  • New Codex, Requests, Item Sales, Crafts, and Item Drops are added
  • Lancer Weapons can also be obtained from any Chests that already drops Weapons 
3. [Round 1] Class Change
  • Class Change Schedule: 2024/03/20 (Wed) After Maintenance  ~ 2024/04/03 (Wed) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Class Change Count & Maximum Ticket Purchase Limit : 3 Tickets
  • Purchase Condition: [Main][Chapter 2] 7-23. Lustful Desert King
      ※ Please refer to Class Change Ticket Guide that will be posted next week for more details
      ※ 1st Class Change Ticket & Class Change Tokens will be deleted after 04/17 (Wed) Regular Maintenance

4. Equipment Recovery Ticket Event
  • Event Schedule: 2024/03/20 (Wed) After Maintenance  ~ 2024/03/28 (Wed) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Versa’s Chest of Blessings Ⅱ (Character) may be acquired from Check-In Event
  • Adventurers may acquire Armor Recovery Ticket and Accessory Recovery Ticket from Versa's Chest of Blessings Ⅱ
※ Please refer to Event Notice for more details [Link]

5. <Growth Support> Hot-Time Event
  • Growth Support Buff: Bonus EXP Gain on Kills, Bonus Gold Gain on Kills
  • Growth Support Buff applies with different rate depending on Lv. (To Lv.60)
Lv. Range Applied Buff
Lv. 1 ~ 20 Bonus EXP +100%
Bonus Gold + 30%
Lv. 21 ~ 30 Bonus EXP +80%
Bonus Gold + 30%
Lv. 31 ~ 40 Bonus EXP +60%
Bonus Gold + 30%
LV. 41 ~ 50 Bonus EXP +50%
Bonus Gold + 30%
Lv. 51 ~ 60 Bonus EXP +30%
Bonus Gold + 30%

6. Changed Menu Name 'Valhalla' -> 'World Content'
  • All World Content now share the same menu (Sol Canyon, Valhalla, Spiren Series)
  • 'World Dungeon' is removed from Dungeom Menu
※ Existing Valhalla Game Guide Title is also changed to World Content

7. Addition of New World Content 'Spiren's Twilight'
  • 'Spiren's Twilight' is a ambiguous region created between sunset and nightfall
  • Enter condition : Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 5]1-2 To Livias
  • Enter CP : 70,000
  • Content Schedule : Every Day from 11:00 ~ 13:00, 23:00 ~ 01:00 (UTC +8)
  • New Equipment and Collection Book is added with Spiren's Twilight
※ Please refer to Spiren's Twilight guide in 'World Content' Game Guide

8. Addition of Bloodyclaw's Banquet F2
  • Banquet F2 shares Dungeon time with F1
  • Enter condition : Lv.55

9. Class Skill Balance Improvement
  • Skill Balance has been updated to details below
Class Skill Name Changes
Warrior Survival Expert

Maximum HP Increase
From : 20 ~ 200 (Upon Enhance Lv.)

To :  50 ~ 500 (Upon Enhance Lv.)

  Combat Spirit [Added] Increase Crit Rate 6% ~ 15% (Upon Enhance Lv.)
  Battle Cry [Added] Increase Skill DMG 3% ~ 12% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self for 90s 
Archer Inferno [Added] Apply Knockback with rate 26% ~ 35% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self for 90s
  Wind's Fury [Added] Apply Stun with rate 26% ~ 35% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self for 90s
Paladin Holy Oath [Added] Increase all Melee DMG 1% ~ 10% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self for 90s
Sculptor Moonlight Blessing ALL DMG Increase Rate
From : Increase ALL DMG 7% ~ 25% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self Upon Evade for 10s (Cooldown 15s)
To : Increase ALL DMG 6.5% ~ 20% (Upon Enhance Lv.) to Self Upon Evade for 10s (No Cooldown)

10. Addition of Dungeon Boss Suppression Chest
  • Marias's Cave: Creed, Desmond, Marianne
  • Spiren's Courtyard/Night : Cane Toad, Manticore, Drake, Girallon, Komodo King

◈ Improvements
1. Field Boss Participation Reward mechanism improvement to Bosses of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 & Marias's Cave
  • Participation Reward that was previously given to Participation Rank 1 has now been expanded to be given to Rank 1 ~ 3
  • Applied Marias's Cave Boss (Creed, Desmond)

2. Improvement to Equipment Drops of Grade Rare and above for Chapter 3 and beyond
  • Balisarda Equipments can now be acquired in Chapter 3 Areas regardless of Parts
  • Prome Equipments can now be acquired in Chapter 4 Areas regardless of Parts
  • Dark Elf Equipments can now be acquired in Chapter 5 Areas regardless of Parts

3. Improvement to Possession Effect for Armor Shapes of Heroic & Legendary Grades
  • New Possession Effect has been added to existing effect for every 4 Heroic Armor Shape Possession.
  • New Possession Effect has been added to existing effect for every Legendary Armor Shape Possession.

4. Improvement to Sol Canyon Reward
  • New item 'Ancient Dagger (Character)' has been added to Red Ruby Crystal Merchant.
  • Adventurers may use Ancient Dagger as material for Helios's Chest, which drops special items (According to Rate)
  • PVP Red Ruby Crystal gain has been increased to 60 per kills from previous 15.
  • Red Ruby Crystals upon killing Monsters has been increased

Previous Current
15 Per Monster 15 Per Monster Abandoned Golem
Vicious Abandoned Golem
Flame Golem
Vicious Flame Golem
Giant Flame Spirit
Vicious Giant Flame Spirit
30 Per Monster

Gnoll Warrior

Vicious Gnoll Warrior
Gnoll Archer
Vicious Gnoll Archer
Gnoll Shaman
Vicious Gnoll Shaman

60 Per Monster Dementia Warrior
Evil Dementia Warrior
Dementia Archer
Evil Dementia Archer
Dementia Mage
Evil Dementia Mage

5. Addition of Red Ruby Crystal Merchant to Villages
  • Red Ruby Crystal Merchant is added to each Villages of Chapter 1 ~ 5

6. Improvement in material item drop rate of 'Whispering Forest' F3 & F4
  • Item Drop rate of Magnite, Quartzite, and Mana Crystal has been increased

7. Codex Category Addition
  • Fishing Rod and Relic category has been added to Equipment tab of Codex

8. Addition of Multi-Exchange function to Collection Event
  • Adventurers may exchange collectables of set amount at once
9. Improvement to return location from Guild Hunting Ground
  • Adventurers now return to original location after returning from Guild Hunting Ground

10. Marias's Cave Boss emerge location change
  • Field Bosses in Marias's Cave (World Marias's Cave included) now spawn below Wreck Object

11. Improvement to Gold consumption UI in Polish
  • Amount of Gold consumption is now displayed on top of 'Polish' button

12. Request UI Improvement (Added 03/20)
  • 'Rate Info' Button that shows Request Grade when Refreshed is added to Request UI
  • 'Accept Request' and 'Refresh' Button location has been moved with addition of new Button

◈ Bug Fixes
1. World Scramble related Bug Fix
  • Registered Guild count is no longer displayed

2. Request Monster location display Fix
  • Monster location of Request 'Melancholy Breathing' is now displayed correctly

3. Item Source '#Valhalla' Fix
  • Clicking #Valhalla now correctly bring Adventurers to 'Bloodyclaw's Hideout'

4. Missing Item Source tags in Sol Canyon related items
  • Sol Canyon related items now show relevant items source tags in tooltip

5. Livias Stellaport Fix
  • some structures has been removed from Livias Stellaport for character to enter more fluently

6. Codex page error Fix
  • Opening Codex in World Dungeon no longer display Livias page of Codex, and display correct Codex page

7. Event Claim All Item display Fix
  • Items that are claimed through Claim All button of Event is no longer displayed as Guild Awarded items

◈ Known Bugs
  • Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay).
  • Several weapon shapes disappearing from Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
    • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
    • Black Screen being displayed when accessing Event > Login Reward Tab. (Clicking Event names will display event page normally)
    • Certain terrain not displaying correctly in Android OS environement.
    • PC version shortcut that should be disabled functioning after entering Class Change Ticket UI
    • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. (Class Change Guide Link)
    • Spear item being selected when selecting Chisel item in Fairy Illusion Weapon Selection Chest Ⅱ (Character) (Added 03/21)
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if you wish to exchange Spear item to Chisel item in this case.
  • Alphard Equipment Chest (Armor, Weapon) in Helios's Chest displaying Alphard Equipments as Unbound item. (Added 03/26)

◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM of Mar 22th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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