200-Day Special Package Error Notice

2024-03-27 16:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer Team.

We have noticed Package content error in [200-Day Special] Exploratation Package which started sales on 03/26 23:00.
We have completed follow-up on this incident, and here are the details.

It has been found that [200-Day Special] Exploratation Package I and II dropped extra amount of content than what was displayed in Shop.
The Package was sold for around 30 minutes from 23/26 23:00, and was terminated from sales to fix the error (8 Adventurers purchased the package in the time being).

Additionally, we have retrieved all the extra package from Adventurers who have purchased this package in the time being. We have also deducted Dungeon Time for Adventurers who have already consumed items to fill up Dungeon time.

Here is detailed result and action of the investigation.

1. Hourglass, Dungeon Keys, Banquet Ticket, Elixir and Mileage: Retrieval of unused item, deduction of Dungeon time that was added (8 Adventurers)
2. Butterfly: Additional Butterfly dropped due to error was Retrieved (2 Adventurers)

Packages that has been terminated due to this incident will resume its sales after next maintenance.
Also, since additional Summon Tickets that has been included in the old package could not be retrieved because of its nature being %(rate) gacha items, new package with additional amount (equal to what few Adventurers have purchased and could not be retrieved) of Summon Tickets (Other content equal to old package) will be released for sales too.

First investigation and action has already been taken, and we are conducting extra investigation and inspection to check if there are any more incidents or missed details. If extra actions need to be taken, it will also be taken ASAP.

We are terribly sorry for all Adventurers who have experienced inconvenience, and compensation gifts are being prepared, which will be sent to All Adventurers via Mail consequently before 18:00 of Today.

Thank you.
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