24/05/08 Update Patch Note (Added 05/13)

2024-05-08 12:00

Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 05/08 Regular Maintenance

 Update Patch Note

 1. Valhalla Improvement
  • Addition of New Items exchangeable with Warrior's Remain (Armband/Talisman)
  • Equipments and Monster Cards that can be purchased from Rarity Shop is changed to Unbound State
  • Maximum number of channels are reduced from 15 to 8
  • Treasure Chest emerge time is reduced from 5 to 1 minutes
  • Other Server Adventurers are no longer auto-hunted
  • Reward Chests can be acquired from Field Boss Torido and Geirskogul
ChestAwarded to
Suppression Chest 1 Adventurer who have participated in Field Boss Elimination
Final Strike Chest 1 Adventurer who have done Final Strike to the Boss
Particiaption Chest 1 Adventurer who have done most Damge
  • Item List (Acquire according to rate)
Torido ChestGeirskogul Chest
Torido Card Geirskogul Card
Goth's Gaze Weapon / Accessory Goth's Gaze Weapon / Accessory
Enhance Scrolls / Craft Materials Enhance Scrolls / Craft Materials
Arpen Armor/Accessory Design Piece Arpen Armor/Accessory Design Piece
Tonic / HP Recovery Elixir Tonic / HP Recovery Elixir

 2. Spiren's Twilight Improvement
  • 'Victorious Sculpture Chest' is added to Drops
    • 'Victorious Sculpture Chest' is in Unbound State
Victorious Sculpture Chest Content
Average/Fine/Superb Victorious Warrior Sculpture
Average/Fine/Superb Victorious Archer Sculpture
Average/Fine/Superb Victorious Mage Sculpture
Average/Fine/Superb Victorious Golden Wyvern Sculpture
  • Number of Channels are fixed to 2

 3. Sol Canyon Improvement
  • Participation reset to Boss Monster is increased from No DMG dealt for 15 sec -> No DMG dealt for 1 Min
  • Butterfly Revival between Boss Monster Raid now reduces participation to 1 instead of reset
    • Reward cannot be acquired in 'Death' state
  • Separate Message is displayed if Sol Canyon is full of Adventurers
  • Server Population in Sol Canyon can be viewed with activated Channel Button
  • Adventurers can now check current Channel with Channel Button
 4. Addition of Power System
  • Power is opened/activated 'Character' Based
    • Power System is unlocked after completing Quest [Main][Chapter 2] 7-20. Time for the Ritual
  • Items are consumed in Power to acquire various Stats
  • Stats gained through Power is cumulated to CP 
 ※ Please refer to separate 'Power' Game-Guide

 5. Addition of New Boss Binding Stones (Added 05/13)
  • Boss Binding Stone Fragments can be acquired in following areas
ITem NameSource
Abyssal Warrior Binding Stone Fragment Giant Monsters in Livias Regions
Ruined Training Hall
Whispering Forest F5
Wild Beast Binding Stone Fragment Spiren's Night
Marias's Cave F3 ~ 6
Roaring Nature Binding Stone Fragment Spiren's Twilight
[World] Marias's Cave F1 ~ 3
  • 300 Binding Stone Fragments are consumed to craft Boss Binding Stone
    • Roaring Nature Binding Stone can also be acquired through World Scramble Rank Reward
Item NameCraft Material
Abyssal Warrior Binding Stone Abyssal Warrior Binding Stone Fragment x 300
Wild Beast Binding Stone Wild Beast Binding Stone Fragment x 300
Roaring Nature Binding Stone Roaring Nature Binding Stone Fragment x 300
World Scrambe Rank Reward (Source)
  • Following Bosses can be summoned with Boss Binding Stones
    • Boss Summon can be conducted in Guild Hideout
Boss Binding StoneSummoned Monster
Abyssal Warrior Binding Stone Ignis
Swordhead Doll
Wild Beast Binding Stone Creed
Cane Toad
Roaring Nature Binding Stone Desmond
Komodo King

 6. Re-fusion Event
  • Schedule: 05/08 After Maintenance ~ 05/21 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Acquire Refusion Ticket through Check-In Event
  • Target Fusion Records
    • Weapon Shapes/ Buddies : 2024/01/24 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 05/08 Before Maintenance 
    • Armor Shapes : 2023/12/20 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 2024/05/08 (Wed) Before Maintenance

 7. Guild Raid Entrance Condition Change
  • Adventurers can now enter Guild Raids whenever before Guild Raid Boss is eliminated

 8. World Scramble Reward Improvement
  • Amount of 'Versa Design Piece Selection Chest' in Reward is increased to following:
Versa Design Piece Selection Chest
Rank Previous Current
1 5 8
2 3 5
3 1 3
4 - 2
5 - 1
Participation - -
  • Altair Equipment Selection Chest can be acquired in all Ranks (1 ~ 5)
Altair Equipment Selection Chest
Rank Previous Current
1 1 1
2 - 1
3 - 1
4 - 1
5 - 1
Participation - -
  • Roaring Nature Binding Stone is newly added to Reward
Roaring Nature Binding Stone
Rank Amount
1 2
2 1
3 1
4 1
5 1
Participation -

 9. HP Regen Area Addition
  • HP is regen at start location of following region: Bloodyclaw's Hideout, Rosheim East Fortress, [World] Rosheim East Fortress, Isias Dessert, Border Area Central Forest
  • HP Regen : 4% of total HP for 60s
  • HP Regen effect expires after leaving the start location
 10. Drop Rate increase for Uncommon Grade Equipment
  • Uncommon Grade Equipment Drop Rate is increased by approx. 250% in following Regions: Serraborg, Baran, Border Area, Yurokina Mountains, Marias's Cave F1 ~ [World] 2F, Whispering Forest F1 ~ 3, and Spiren's Courtyard
  • Uncommon Grade Equipment Drop Rate is increased by approx. 300% ~ 350% in following Regions: Livias, [World] Marias's Cave F3, Whispering Forest F4 ~ 5, Spiren's Night, Spiren's Twilight
  • Uncommon Equipment Drop Rate Increase only applies to Monster Hunt Drops
  • New Equipment Parts are excluded (Armband, Talisman, Orbm Medal)
 1. Common Storage Expansion
  • Maximum Common Storage Slot has been expanded from 200 to 250
 2. Skill Cooldown Reduction displayed in Skill Enhance UI
  • Skill CDR is displayed when enhancing Skills that only result in CDR.
 3. Addition of Caution Message function when Registering Items on Exchange abnormally higher than Market Price.
  • Registering Items for sale on Exchange with abnormally higher price will now display Caution Message
  • Conducting exchange with abnormal purpose could lead to account sanction
 4. Ruined Training Hall Monster Population Increase
  • Vacant space has been reduced in Ruined Training Hall
 5. Monster Hunt Participation Improvement
  • Participation for Monster Hunt resets after 60s of getting in distance with Target (Except Raid)
  • Butterfly revival now reduces participation to 1 in Several Bosses
  • Participation Reset Boss List: All Bosses in Sol Canyon, Marianne, Nidhogg, Komodo King
    • Dying in combat agains Boss Monsters reset Participation
    • Butterfly Revival will return minimum participation (1)
 6. Golden Goblin Drop Improvement (According to Region) 
  • Hunting Golden Goblin now drops Rusty, Ordinary, Glowing and Wonder Golden Goblin Bundle (According to Region)
  • Later Chapter Region or Higher Level Region Golden Goblin Drops better Bundle with better drops
 7. Addition of Marias's Spirit in [World] Marias's Cave F1 ~ 2
  • Marias's Spirit Emerges Every 2 Hours.
  • Wild Beast Binding Stone Fragment is dropped from Marias's Spirit

 Bug Fix

 1. Charge Skills charging backwards against near targets Fix
  • Charge Skills no longer charge backwards
 2. Request shortcut location being different to actual monster spawn area in Livias Fix
  • Request Shortcut in Livias Region now function correctly
 3. Buddy Image UI FIx
  • Buddy Image is now displayed correctly in UI at 'Bloodyclaw's Banquet F1'
 4. Season Pass Special Reward Icon Fix
  • Season Pass Special Reward is displayed correctly
 5. Butterfly Revival Cost Fix
  • Connecting to game with different device after dying in World Content no longer revive in village, and butterfly revival cost is displayed correctly according to Content
 6. Guild Hunting Ground Fix
  • Monsters are now spawned correctly in Guild Hunting Grounds
 Known Bugs

  • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
  • Certain terrain not displaying correctly in Android OS environement.
  • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. 
  • Event Collection Item Emerald being able to be opened. (Item should not be able to open, and do not return any content and disappear)
  • Skill Essence selection Chests (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) items that can be exchanged from collection event not containing Lancer Skill Essences.

 Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM of May 10th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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