July Update Preview and Future Plans by KimPD

2024-07-01 00:00
Hello, this is Darkgamer KimPD.

Here is an update announcement for the Darkgamer in July!

July Update

Addition of Chapter 5 Sub-Quests. (1st Update)
  • Alphard Equipment, Heroic Summon Ticket, etc. can be acquired through the Sub-Quests.
Addition of Chapter 6 (2nd Update)
  • 3 new regions are added in Chapter 6.
Residence System (1st Update)
  • Peddler and Surprise Dungeon appear randomly on the Residence.
  • Rate applies differently according to Residence level. Products Sold and Dungeon Type may differ.
  • Display Furniture that can be decorated outdoors is added.
Addition of Sculpture Upgrade System (2nd Update)
  • Superb Sculpture can be upgraded to Masterpiece Sculpture.
Marias's Cave Expansion (2nd Update)
  • 7F Marias's Cave and World 4F Marias's Cave are added.
Preset Expansion (1st,2nd Update)
  • Monster Card, Buddy, Weapon Shape, and Armor Shape Presets are added. (1st Update)
  • Item Slot and Skill Presets are added and expanded. (2nd Update)
  • (Overall Preset is planned in the future.)
Addition of Bonus Request Ticket System (1st Update)
  • Bonus Request Ticket can be acquired through events.
 Future Plans
  • The list below is under development which may differ on when it will be updated.
  • Improvements are focused on Gameplay inconvenience.
        • Guild Server Transfer (August)
        • Server Merge (August)
              • Merge is to provide adequate gameplay to certain servers with difficulty playing the content. 
        • Overall Preset
        • Auto Polish
        • Magic Type New Class
Always thank you for your great support and feedback.
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