07/10 Regular Maintenance Notice (Modified)

2024-07-05 17:00


Hello Adventurers,
This is <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer>.
We have Maintenance scheduled for 07/10 (Wed).
Please refer to notice below for further details.

【 07/10 (Wed) Regular Maintenance 】

Maintenance Schedule :
- 07/10 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 11:00 UTC+8 (3 hours) (Temporary)
Target Servers :
- All
Maintenance Details
- Armor Recovery Ticket, Accessory Recovery Ticket Distribution
  • Recovery Ticket for destroyed Armor and Accessory is distributed.
  • Recovery Duration: 2024/03/20 (After Maintenance) ~ 2024/07/10 (Before Maintenance)
  • Recovery Ticket Distribution: 2024/07/10 (After Maintenance) ~ 2024/07/16
     ※ Details can be checked in the Recovery Ticket Event(Link).
Addition of Chapter 5 Sub-Quests
  • Condition: Characters in progress of Chapter 5 or more
Residence System Improvement
  • 2 new types of Furniture Sets are added.
        • New furniture is added to the Collection Book.
  • Peddler Visit System is added.
        • Peddler who stays at the Residence for a certain time is added.
        • Peddler visits at random, and all Resident visitors can use it.
  • Surprise Dungeon System is added.
        • Surprise Dungeon that disappears after a certain time is added.
        • Surprise Dungeon shows up randomly, and all Resident visitors can enter it.
- World Content Improvement 
  • Giant monsters are added at Sol Canyon, Spiren's Twilight.
  • Products are added at Sol Canyon Ruby Crystal Shop.
        • Price of previous products are partially adjusted.
  • Potion Merchant is added at Spiren's Night.
  • Safe Channel is added at Spiren's Night and Spiren's Twilight.
     ※ Boss Monster or certain Monsters do not appear on Safe channel.
- Scramble Improvement
  • Number of Uncommon Material Chests able to acquire at Fishing Scramble increases.
- Field Boss Reward Chest Improvement
  • Participation Chest reward able to acquire on hunting certain Field Boss has expanded to 3rd place.
  • Applied Monster : Royan, Asta, Death Crow, Regma, Komodo King 
- Heroic Equipment Drop Rate Increase
  • Applied Region : Marias's Cave 4~6F, [World] Marias's Cave 1~3F, Chapter 3/4/5, Whispering Forest 2~5F
  • Applied Item : Spica, Acrab, Palace, Prominent Hero, Water Knight
- Source List Improvement
  • Source is added at [Sculpture] Menu.
  • Source is added at [Alchemy] Menu.
- Certain Gesture Improvement
  •  Certain gestures will be repeated on use.
◈ Other Information
- All time-sensitive items and buffs will be extended for the duration of Maintenance.

We will try our best to provide quality service to all Adventurers.
Thank You.
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