Show us your Talent! Darkgamer Golden Hands Contest ❤ (Modified)

2024-07-08 16:00

Hello Adventurers!
This is <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer> CM Eve. ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

Imagine Weapon/Armor Shapes designed by our Adventurers appearing on the Royal Road!
Wouldn't it be so exciting and wonderful?! ♡ ᐡ◕ ̫ ◕ᐡ ♡
Winners will have the opportunity to see the design submitted in-game, 
and a 'Legendary Shape Summon Ticket' will also be rewarded. Show us your great talents! 
Please refer to the details below. \(`•ω•´)/*҉

◈ Darkgamer Design Contest Event!

☆ Event Schedule
- Participation: 07/08 (Mon) ~ 07/31(Wed) 22:59 (UTC+8)
- Winner Announcement & Participation Reward Giveaway: 08/07(Wed) Before 18:00 (UTC+8)
☆ Event Details (Modified)
- Design the concept of either Weapon/Armor Shape, or both. Then, submit through Google Form (Link) during the event period.
    ※ Winner rate increases on following the Event Participation Guide!
    ※ Design file upload is required to be selected as Winner. 
You may edit the submitted form before the event ends. 
- The Winner's design will be crafted in-game and gifted to all Adventurers after fair internal judgment.
☆ Event Participation Guide (Armor)
- Select the gender regardless of the armor part before designing.
- (For Helmet) Design with a similar size to the in-game standard shown at Armor Shape > Helmet.
- Additional description of material and concept may lead to detailed in-game realization.

☆ Event Participation Guide (Weapon)
- Select one class before designing.
- Additional description of material and concept may lead to detailed in-game realization.

☆ Event Reward
- Winners' Armor/Weapon Shape will be realized in-game and their character names will appear at the item name.
TargetReward CategoryReward Item
Event Participants Armor Shape Winner
Weapon Shape Winner
Legendary Summon Ticket Selection Chest (Event)
[Title: Golden Hand]
Winning Contestants Heroic Summon Ticket Selection Chest (Event)
[Title: Golden Hand]
All Participants Resplendent Summon 11 Selection Chest x3

☆ Precaution
- Actual in-game shape and submitted winner's design may differ according to the company's standard, realization process, etc.
- Designs submitted must be own creations and must not infringe others' work as idea plagiarism, tracing, imitation, etc. along with violation of related legislation and the “Company's" Operational Policy.
- Event Reward is only given once per account.
- Contest and reward dates may partially change according to progress by region.
- It is possible to submit multiple designs, but the winner is selected only once.
- Designs that involve extreme content/violence/religion, or social criticism will be excluded from judgment. 
- If plagiarism or designs submitted to other companies’ contests are found, crafting will be canceled and the reward will be taken back even after the winners’ notice.
- XLGAMES may reproduce, distribute, and send winners' designs submitted and process them for promotions or use them in loading images, event pages, etc. without further discussion.
- Agreement of XLGAMES' use of designs within the event condition and process stated will be met along with participants who complete the submission. There will not be charges for displaying all designs on our Official Channels during the event period. However, intellectual property for “winner's design” will be managed through the rewards for winners.
- Participant of design that leads to a lawsuit against XLGAMES needs to exclude the company and compensate for all damage suit (including lawyer fee) through individual expense and responsibility. These include any dispute (incident, portrait, copyright, etc. related to intellectual property, all infringement involving sanctions, and more) due to the design.
- Winner can be selected or canceled according to the number and quality of submitted designs, and only those that meet the company’s standards will be awarded.
- Event reward items will be given to the submitted character's mailbox.
- Event Reward Mail given will expire after a set period.
- Certain event details can be modified under circumstances.
- Other event-related matters may be answered from the 1:1 ticket. 

Any designs with love towards Darkgamer can be submitted. We appreciate your great support! (つ≧▽≦)つ

Thank you!
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