07/10 Update Patch Note (Modified)

2024-07-10 12:00

Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 07/10 Regular Maintenance.

 Update Patch Note

 1. Armor Recovery Ticket, Accessory Recovery Ticket Distribution
  • Recovery Ticket for destroyed Armor and Accessory is distributed.
  • Recovery Duration: 2024.03.20(After Maintenance) ~ 2024.07.10(Before Maintenance)
  • Server Transfer Ticket Sales: 2024.06.26(Wed) ~ 2024.06.29(Sat) (4 Days)
  • Recovery Ticket Distribution: 2024.07.10(After Maintenance) ~ 2024.07.16
  • Distribution Item: Armor Recovery Ticket, Accessory Recovery Ticket
     ※ Details can be checked in the Recovery Ticket Event(Link).
 2. Addition of Chapter 5 Sub-Quests
  • 7 types of Chapter 5 region Sub-Quests are added. 
  • Search for hidden stories through Chapter 5 region Sub-Quests.
  • Valuable rewards such as Heroic Summon Ticket, Superb Sculpture, Heroic Equipment, etc. can be acquired by completing Sub-Quests.
 3. Residence System Improvement
  • New Furniture Sets Chic Black and Tropical Furniture are added.
  • New furniture is added to the Collection Book.
Chic Black Furniture Set (11 Types)
Tropical Furniture Set (11 Types)
  • Traveling Merchant Visit System is added.
    • Traveling Merchant who stays at the Residence for a certain time is added.
    • Traveling Merchant visits randomly, and all Resident visitors can interact with it.
    • Items able to be purchased differ by Residence level and can be purchased through gold or butterfly.
    • Title, Image, Special Fishing Rod, and various items can be purchased from Traveling Merchant.
    • Craft Materials such as Wood, Iron Ore, Breath, Grind Powder, Scroll, etc. can also be purchased.
Blue Marine Look Lily Capeline Hat Baby Angel Wings Red Cleaner Fishing Rod Cleaner Fishing Rod

  • Surprise Dungeon System is added.
    • Surprise Dungeon that disappears after a certain time is added.
    • Surprise Dungeon shows up randomly, and all Resident visitors can enter it.
Residence Level  Dungeon Max Players Mission Reward
2 Cradle of Whispers  40 Gather Uncommon Gatherables High Grade, Mass Gatherables
Fallen Sky Ruins  40 Hunt Monsters Breath, Soulstone, Power Shard
Golden Goblin Tunnel  10 Defeat 10 Golden Goblins Golden Goblin Pouch
4. World Content Improvement
  • Giant monsters are added at Sol Canyon and Spiren's Twilight.
  • Giant monsters give rewards at a higher rate than Common monsters.
Sol Canyon Giant Monster
Name Image Main Reward

Legendary Class Skill Book
Legendary Class Skill Essence
Legendary Craft Material
Legendary Design Piece
Heroic Armband, Talisman

Spiren's Twilight Giant Monster
Name Image Main Reward
Urs Legendary Class Skill Book
Legendary Class Skill Essence
Legendary Craft Material
Legendary Design Piece
Heroic Armband, Talisman

  • Products sold at Sol Canyon's Ruby Crystal Merchant change.
    • Items below are newly added.
Name Cost - Ruby Crystal Purchase Limit
Versa Weapon Design Piece (Character) 100,000 1 per week
Versa Armor Design Piece (Character) 100,000 1 per week
Versa Accessory Design Piece (Character) 100,000 1 per week
Legendary Skill Essence Selection Chest (Character) 50,000 5 per week
Heroic Skill Essence Selection Chest (Character) 10,000 5 per week
Meat Pie (Character)
- Character ATK +4, Offset Character ATK +2, Duration 20min
5,000 5 per week

Salmon Steak (Character)

- All Monster ATK +5, Common/Elite Monster DMG +3%, Duration 20min

5,000 5 per week
  •  Legendary Skill Essence sold previously ends.
  •  The cost of previous products is partially adjusted.
Name Previous Cost -Ruby Crystal Changed Cost - Ruby Crystal Purchase Limit
Arpen Accessory Design Piece (Character) 5,000 1,000 -
Fragment of Wisdom (Character) 100,000 30,000 3 per week

  • Potion Merchant is added at Spiren's Night.
  • Spiren's Twilight's Safe Zone near NPC is removed.
    • The map center upon entry is Safe Zone.
  • Safe Channel is added at Spiren's Night and Spiren's Twilight.
    • Raid monsters that drop certain items and monsters of certain locations do not appear in Safe Channel.
Dungeon Total Channels Total Safe Channel Safe Channel Excluded Monster
at Safe Channel
Spiren's Night 4 1 CH.3 Nidhogg
Spiren's Twilight 3 1 CH.2

Boulder Dwarf Warrior
Evil Boulder Dwarf Warrior
Boulder Dwarf Miner
Evil Boulder Dwarf Miner
Boulder Dwarf Bombardier
Evil Boulder Dwarf Bombardier

  • Valhalla's Safe Channel has changed.
    • Previous Safe Channel: 0, 1 (2 channels from 8 channels)
    • Changed Safe Channel: 6, 7 (2 channels from 8 channels)
  • Marianne Card and Bug Carapace Equipment can be acquired from Marianne Treasure Chest at [World] 3F - Hungry Workhouse.
 5. Scramble Improvement
  • Amount of Uncommon Material Chest increases able to acquire at [Border Area Central Forest] Scramble.
Rank Previous Reward Changed Reward
1 Uncommon Material Chest x80 Uncommon Material Chest x240
2 Uncommon Material Chest x60 Uncommon Material Chest x160
3 Uncommon Material Chest x40 Uncommon Material Chest x120
4 Uncommon Material Chest x20 Uncommon Material Chest x80
5 Uncommon Material Chest x10 Uncommon Material Chest x40
Participation Reward - -

 6. Field Boss Reward Chest Improvement
  • Participation Chest reward able to acquire on hunting certain Field Boss has expanded to 3rd place.
    • Applied Monster : Royan, Asta, Death Crow, Regma, Komodo King
  • Contribution Chests distributed from defeating certain Field Boss are given according to Contribution Rank.
    • Distribution : Contribution 1st - 3, 2nd - 2, 3rd - 1
    • Applies to Chapter 3~5 regions' Field Boss reward. (Modified)

 7. Heroic Equipment Drop Rate Increase
  • Drop rate of Heroic Equipment able to acquire from Field and Marias's Cave increases.
  • Applied Item : Spica, Acrab, Palace, Prominent Hero, Water Knight
  • Applied Region : Marias's Cave 4~6F, [World] Marias's Cave 1~3F, Chapter 3/4/5, Whispering Forest 2~5F
     ※ Heroic Equipment Drop Rate Increase only applies on hunting.
8. Source List Improvement
  • Source is added at [Sculpture] Menu.
  • Source is added at [Alchemy] Menu.
  • Craft without Recipe appears shaded at Source.
 9. Certain Gesture Improvement
  • Certain gestures will be repeated on use.
     ※ Applied gesture : Dance: Shake Dance, [Dance: Eyes on Me, Dance: Bring It
 10. Preset Expansion
  • Preset slots of Equipment, Monster Card, and Sculpture able to change increases from 3 to 4.
  • Buddy, Weapon Shape, and Armor Shape Presets are added.
     ※ Newly added presets will have 4 slots.

  11. Addition of Bonus Request Ticket
  • Bonus Request Ticket that can complete more than 8 basic requests is added. 
  • Basic attempts are deducted first on request completion.
  • Additional attempts from the bonus ticket remain even after the basic reset period. 

  11. Character Delete Condition Change
  • Condition for Character Deletion changes from LV. 50 > LV. 60.
 1. Allow Attacks on My Monster checkbox at Settings > Auto-Play > Other has changed to appear on top.
 2. Using Summon Ticket without re-summon has changed to not lead to Confirm feature.
 3. Select All has become available when purchasing all Gold products at Shop.
4. Hard Hit's Skill Icon Image has changed.
5. Stat related to class has changed to highlight and appear on top of Character Ability.
 Bug Fix

  • Fixed Gunslinger character appearing as T shape occasionally.
  • Fixed not being able to fish at Shaded Forest Village's water edge.

  • Fixed Lancer's 'Aura of Blood and Iron' skill icon appearing abnormal.

  • Fixed item amount not shown on opening Sol Canyon Boss' Fancy Secret Chest or Treasure Chest.

  • Fixed not being able to see Alchemy effects in certain situations.

  • Fixed not being able to attack Giant Cotton Rabbit when Allow Attacks on My Monster Option is not checked. 

  • Fixed Guild feature appearing to character without guild status through Item Source.

  • Fixed Alchemy Rate rounding to 7 decimal places.

  • Fixed decimal rate of Request's equipment reward appearing abnormal.

  • Fixed Sub-Quest's target number appearing as -1.

  • Fixed display effect applied for an incomplete set.
     - Display effect needs to be set again as it has been reset. 

  • Fixed gaps being able to touch between in-game button and slot.

  • Fixed Residence content appearing as to be updated when clicking on World Content.

  • Fixed furniture able to put duplicate when placed on the bed.

  • Fixed PK Record and Revenge button appearing on Arena death.

  • Fixed Aslan Card's damage effect not applied normally. a

  • Fixed Monster Card list appearing abnormal on filter change.

  • Fixed filter icon not closing on re-click.

  • Fixed sound heard even when PC Client is not clicked. 

  • Fixed Request pop-up that remains when re-entering the Request Tab after Sweep.

  • Fixed not being able to attack monsters after trying to gather on Auto-Play occasionally.
 Known Bugs

  • CP Change occasionally not being applied correctly when registering for new Collection Book.
  • Help Icon("?") of Class Change Ticket connecting to Buddy Guide.
   ※ Details can be checked in the Class Change Ticket Guide (Link). 
  • Phrase at Accepted/Completed Request UI appearing duplicate. 


◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
※ Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 07/12 22:59 UTC+8 (Fri). One compensation reward per account.

We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.

Thank you.
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