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2024-05-08 12:00
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.
You may check detailed explanation below.

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.
 Activating Power

 - 'Power' system is enabled after completing quest Power은 [Main][Chapter 2] 7-20. Time for the Ritual.
 - Some of Powers have Lv. restrictions.
 - Steps that construct Power are called 'Shard'.

  Root Shard

No. Category Details
1 Root Shard
  • Click the foremost Shard to check the effect status applied from the selected Power
2 Applied Effect
  • Effect applied from selected Power
3 Reset
  • Resets all Lv. of Shards in selected Power

No. Category Details
1 Confrim Reset
  • Consume Reset Material to reset all Lv of Shards in selected Power
  • Resetting will disable all effects of Effects applied by selected Power
  • Resetting will return all Materials used to upgrade Shard Lv. in Character Bound state
  • Returned material amount is displayed
 Shard Upgrade (Level up)

No. Category Details
1 Shard
  • All of the prior Shards connected to the selected Shard has to have minimum Lv. of 1 to upgrade the selected Shard

- Can Level Up

- Cannot Level Up
2 Effect
  • Effects that will be applied by Shard Level Up
  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon to preview the applied effects per Lv.
3 Materials
  • Materials required to Level Up
  • Click the Magnifying Glass icon to preview the Materials required per Lv.
4 Max Level
  • Click to reach Maximum Level by consuming all posssessed Materials

- Before Clicking

- After Clicking

 Open Shortcut Button

 - Use the 'Open Shortcut' Button to Level Up all required connection Shards to Level up to Level Up the selected Shard
No. Category Details
1 Open Shortcut Button
  • Click the button to display the selected Shard to be Leveled Up, and the shortcut route
2 Material
  • Displays materials that will be consumed to perform Open Shortcut
  • Displays total materials required to Level up all Shards in the route from Lv. 0 → Lv. 1 
3 Effect
  • Displays all effects that will be applied by performing Open Shortcut
  • Displays all Lv. 1 Shard Effect of all shards in the selected Power Route

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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