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2024-06-26 13:00
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.
You may check detailed explanation below.

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.

 - The rate is displayed by at least 6 decimal places, and the total may differ slightly from 100% due to rounding. The actual rate within the game reflects the rate's true value beyond the 6 decimal places.
 - Alchemy is system that can acquire new item by consuming equipments on hold as materials.
  • Unbound items not used can be processed through Alchemy.
 - Item grade of Alchemy result differs according to total of Equipment level used as materials.
 - Alchemy System opens on LV. 50.

 Alchemy Menu

 - Alchemy Open Condition : Over LV. 50
 - It can be accessed through Main Menu > [Alchemy].
  Alchemy Feature

 - Alchemy feature consists of inventory where item materials are shown, material slot for Alchemy, and Rate range that activates when the slot is added.
No. Category Details
1 Alchemy Rate
  • Displays item list able to craft through Alchemy. Activates when materials are added to slot to be available for Alchemy.
  • Rate refreshes real-time when item type changes to be available for Alchemy according to the material added to slot.
  • High-grade and rarity items are sorted at the top. 

- Rate Activated Status

2 Alchemy Slot & Process
  • Place where Alchemy materials are added and the process occurs. Unbound equipment can be added as materials.
3 Inventory
  • Space where materials are displayed.
  • Equipment at Quickslot and locked do not appear.

  Alchemy Method

 - Alchemy can be done by selecting either Normal Alchemy or Blessed Alchemy.
 - Blessed Alchemy uses Butterfly, and Normal Alchemy uses Gold to proceed.
    ※ Item type or rate can differ even when same Alchemy materials are used according to the selected type(Normal, Blessed). 

No. Category Details
1 Add Alchemy Material
  • Unbound equipment over Uncommon grade can be added at material slot. The Alchemy feature changes to available status when three or more slots are registered. 
        • However, material grades added cannot differ by two grades or more.
              • Rare can be only used with either Uncommon or Heroic as materials.
  • Magic circle effect shows colored light and Rate appears on Alchemy available status.
        • Magic circle effect color shows the highest grade item color able to acquire through Alchemy from the materials consumed.
  • Item type through Alchemy can differ according to materials added. Rate also refreshes in real time when the available item type changes.
2 Select Alchemy Type
  • Normal/Blessed Alchemy can be changed through button.
  • First feature that is set upon entering is Normal Alchemy.
  • Magic circle form shown differs according to selected Alchemy type.

 - Normal Alchemy

 - Blessed Alchemy

3 Proceed Alchemy Button
  • Resources differ according to selected Alchemy typoe and materials added to slot.
  • Items added to slot can be taken out by Remove All button.

  Alchemy Process

  • Alchemy can be done in available status and when the materials are on hold. 
        • Occurs on clicking the Proceed button that appears as pop-up after clicking Alchemy button, and consumes the appropriate materials.
  • Whetstone is returned to a certain amount when the Alchemy result item has the same or lower grade as the material.

  • Result: Highest grade item acquired

  • Result: Item acquired equal or lower grade to material consumed for Alchemy
        • Returns certain amount of Whetstone


※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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